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You don’t have time to sit around waiting for your car to be towed? Worry not, Autocare Buster Towing Corp. is here to solve all of your towing problems! Towing appointments are available with us all the time, so call us right away to schedule one.

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About Us

Autocare Buster Towing Corp.

We at Autocare Buster Towing Corp. are dedicated to giving you, our client, the best towing and roadside assistance available on the market. For you, we have kept up with technological advancements, market developments, and safety standards, resulting in a fleet that is specifically designed to meet the various transportation needs.

Knowing that everything is in order here will allow you to relax. No matter how challenging the work may seem, we strive to meet all of your demands with reasonable and dependable service. We realize how frustrating it can be when an unforeseen problem occurs on a road, but don’t worry—our crew will take care of any issues as soon as possible.

Our Services

Carrollton, Texas towing company

Light-Duty Towing

We know that when it comes to your car or motorcycle, you want the best possible service. As a result, we provide prompt response times, professional service, and reasonable rates. Please contact us right away for a free estimate.

Carrollton, Texas towing service

Medium-Duty Towing

Our medium duty towing is a service that transports vehicles weighing between 19,501 and 33,000 pounds. This type of towing is ideal for cars, small trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles of a similar size. Our medium duty tow trucks can handle the majority of jobs, so you can be confident that your vehicle will be transported safely and securely.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Your Heavy Duty Towing requirements are our number one priority. We’ll always be there for you when the job requires careful attention and up-to-date maintenance records to ensure that all of your needs are met on time.

Our Happy Clients!

Our dedication is reflected in our well-kept vehicles and cutting-edge equipment for any roadside assistance you may require! This goes well in keeping our interest in hearing your feedback with our service!

“The person that arrived to assist my family’s vehicle was fantastic! He responds quickly, and I was astonished by the pricing, which was lower than I expected. Thank you so much, Autocare Buster Towing Corp.”

Craig Walker

Teaching assistant


“Autocare Buster Towing Corp. responded quickly and professionally. They were prompt and dropped up my vehicle before the mechanic business closed. I appreciate their kind service and will gladly suggest them to my relatives and friends!”

Kaan Thomson



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Calling Autocare Buster Towing Corp. to tow your vehicle is the best option! If you require an appointment for towing your vehicle, we will be happy to accommodate you at any time that is convenient for you, so please do not hesitate. Give us a call today to get back on track without any hassle or stress.